Residential, commercial cleaning and ground care

Residential and Commercial Cleaning

Everyone prefers being surrounded by neat and tidy environment. Not everyone has the time and motivation to take care of that themselves.

Our mission is cleaning. We analyze your needs thoroughly to come up with the most efficient customized cleaning plan.

Our team works on schedules that are made in accordance with your work styles and agendas. We can carry out our work any time of the day, and as frequently as required.

Daily / periodic cleaning:

Manual and mechanic hard floor cleaning with specialized products
Carpet and textile flooring flooring dry cleaning – vacuuming
Finger stains removal from glass and metal surfaces
Glass wall cleaning
Finger stains removal and dust cleaning from furniture and household appliances
Stairwell cleaning
Kitchen surface cleaning with protective products
Toilet cleaning (walls, floor, sink, toilet cleaning and disinfection)
Trash removal, rubbish bin cleaning, rubbish bag replacement

Window and facade cleaning

We clean various glass surfaces in such a way that not only makes them shine, but keeps them flawlessly transparent long after the procedure – the dust and dirt won’t stick due to the antistatic effect of the products we use.

We also clean roofs and facades up to 15 meters tall. We use reliable equipment to clean hard to reach areas.

Window and glass wall cleaning:

Window cleaning up to 3 meter height
Window cleaning above 3 meter height
Window cleaning above 6 meter height
Altitudinal window cleaning
Shop window and glass wall cleaning
Glass facade cleaning

Carpet and upholstery cleaning

We remove stains from different kinds of carpets using our special technique that preserves and revives the colours and gets rid of any odour. We also clean leather furniture and all types of upholstery textiles.

We use environmentally-friendly and dermatologically tested products that don’t cause allergies and have a pleasant scent.

Carpet and upholstery chemical cleaning:

Carpet flooring chemical cleaning.
Upholstery chemical cleaning.
Chair chemical cleaning.
Leather furniture cleaning.
Leather furniture impregnation.

Custom work

We have a mobile team of professionals for custom missions. These include general cleaning inside and outside the premises, depending on your specific needs.

General cleaning includes cleaning all the surfaces, lamps, cabinets, windows, plumbing, household appliances and so on.

We also carry out clean-up work after construction or repair work. Not only do we thoroughly and quickly remove all the dirt, but also take care of removing and transporting the debris and waste.

Clean-up after construction or repair work:

Lime, dust, paint stain removal
Window cleaning
Floor cleaning
Facade cleaning
Wall and other surface cleaning

Hard surface flooring cleaning

We perform quality cleaning and renovating work for all kinds of flooring – wood, concrete, laminate or PVC.

We impregnate stoneware tiles to protect the floor from dirt, scratching, UV ray damage, etc.

Hard surface flooring cleaning and renovation:

Wood, laminate, concrete, PVC flooring (linoleum, marmoleum, parquet) waxing
Wood floor oiling
Stoneware tile impregnation

Ground care services

We help maintaining order and aesthetics not only indoors, but also in the surrounding area outside. We can take care of it either daily or on a predefined schedule – it’s up to you.

We have all the required equipment, therefore the work will be finished quickly and smoothly.

Daily ground care:

Footway, parking, pavement sweeping
Garbage removal
Garbage bin and ashtray emptying, cleaning and disinfection
Outdoor grid collection tray cleaning
Advertising and information display cleaning
Lawn watering, fertilizing, mowing and removing the grass
Tree watering, hedge trimming
Shoveling snow off the footways and pavements
Distributing anti-icing and deicing products on footways and driveways

Mechanic ground care:

Mechanic area sweeping
Snow removal using special equipment
Snow transportation from the area

Special ground care:

Concrete, pavement tile and other surface high pressure cleaning
Icicle removal
Rooftop snow removal

Additional services


We care about order and tidiness, and we’re also passionate about health.
We supply hygiene products from the world-renowned manufacturers – anything from toilet paper, hand wipes to liquid soap dispensers.

Rental absorbent doormats

We can help prevent dirt even getting to your premises by stopping it at the doorstep with our quality absorbent mats of various sizes.
The best materials used to manufacture these mats ensure that all the moisture and dirt is absorbed in seconds. Besides, they significantly reduce the risk of slipping.
We replace the mats as frequently as you require.

Waste management services

Mixed and specific communal waste collection and removal
Secondary material collection and removal

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Car cleaning center

Car wash

In order for your car to remain in good condition and long-lasting, automotive experts recommend to wash it at least once a week, especially during the cold season.

During the long time of using and not washing a car, it collects lots of dust, resin, salt, sand and dirt, all of which are known to cause corrosion.

Car body wash:

Body and wheel wash MINI (no drying).
- Using high-pressure washing equipment, dirt solvent, active foam wax.
Body wash MAXI (with drying).
- Using high-pressure washing equipment, dirt solvent, active foam wax. Wheel, door arch and rubber mats washing.
Body wash MAXI-1.
- Using high-pressure washing equipment, dirt solvent, active foam wax. Wheel, door arch and rubber mats washing, interior vacuuming.
Body wash MAXI-2.
- Using high-pressure washing equipment, dirt solvent, active foam wax. Wheel, door arch and rubber mats washing, interior vacuuming, plastic parts and window cleaning.

Dry and chemical interior cleaning

Unattended car interior is the perfect medium for bacteria and fungi, which can cause you and your family allergic reactions. Wet floorboard can become corrosive and start smelling.

It’s necessary to not only dry clean the interior of a car, but also carry out a chemical cleaning – according to experts, at least twice a year.

Chemical cleaning:

Interior and trunk dry cleaning: vacuuming, cleaning rubber mats, plastic parts, windows
Interior chemical cleaning: roof and door tapestry, seats, floorboard, plastic parts, windows
Trunk chemical cleaning: floorboard, plastic parts, spare wheel
Interior and truck drying

Polishing and waxing

Cosmetic car retreating is a great way to make it shine as new, rid of small scratches and highlight the colour.

Each car, just like its driver, is unique, therefore our experts will thoroughly evaluate the state of your car and will offer customized procedures.

Body retreat:

Smoothing and polishing (the colour is highlighted, scratches removed)
Front and rear lights smoothing and polishing
Waxing (the car is coated with protective wax and polished)
Polishing and waxing

Engine washing

The engine wash is recommended once a year, preferably – after the cold season, since your car accumulates lots of dirt and salt during it.

We will protect your car from corrosion by performing engine wash thoroughly and using the most effective products.

Engine washing
Retreating plastic and rubber parts of the engine

Other services

Our professional car cleaning center staff will take care of your car’s cleanliness and safety.

Tire blackening and chemical retreating
Wheel disc chemical cleaning
Tar removal from the body
Window cleaning and degreasing
Body coating with silicon
Bottom washing
Rust protection
Non-standard work


Rust protection

Anticorrosive Coating with KROWN

KROWN is Canada's #1 rust protection for over 25 years for a reason.

KROWN products prevent electrical connections corrosion and oxidation. Anticorrosive coating helps keep your car in perfect technical condition and ensures a neat appearance longer.

This procedure significantly reduces maintenance costs in the future, which you simply avoid by not having to repair your car’s issues caused by corrosion.

In addition, the vehicle is proven to be safer when the body is not affected.

Our technical staff is certified yearly to perform a safe and quality anti-corrosion coating procedure.


Car body and bottom, wheel arches, engine compartment are scrupulously washed with dirt solvents. Salt and other harmful materials are removed with KROWN Salt Eliminator.

Coating the bottom and interior cavities

The bottom, arches and the smallest chassis parts are coated with rust protector KROWN Inhibitor T40.

Coating rust-sensitive parts

Front and rear hoods, thresholds, struts, front and rear door and their inner areas, door frames, front and rear fenders and their inner areas are coated with rust protector KROWN Inhibitor T40.

Coating the engine compartment and electrical wiring

Locks, door mechanisms, window lifting mechanisms, wipers and all the engine compartment – battery, electric wiring and connections, partition wall, lighting system elements, inner fenders, front chassis side-members.


Completely coated car is once more washed – only the surfaces this time – and waxed with car Fast Wax.

Your car is ready for safe and comfortable driving!

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